Burning Man could now be happening all year long.From its desert beginning in 1990, the makeshift community of thousands has expanded more and more every year. Burning Man, an annual gathering in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, has become so much more than what it used to be. Now a music festival, art show, workshop haven, amongst other things, the temporary community might be lasting from 7 days to 365.

According to reports, the Burning Man Project is looking to expand and in doing that, has called its new space “Fly Ranch.”

What can we expect from Fly Ranch and the future of Burning Man?

“Fly Ranch is a much smaller space [than Black Rock City], but with potential year-round access, it offers the gift of time. Eventually we’ll be able to create more opportunities spread out throughout the year,” festival organizers said.

At 3,800 acres, there is A LOT of potential. Implementing its “leave no trace” policy, Burning Man aims to find out how it can impact the world in a greater way. There isn’t that much information available but stay tuned because something amazing is coming…