Miami is hot, in more ways than one. In a city that never sleeps and beach-weather all year round, it’s impossible not to enjoy the nightlife it has to offer. The staple clubs on the island are LIV Miami, Story Nightclub, Wall Lounge, and Set Nightclub; while downtown is home to E11even (a nightclub/strip club open 24 hours) and Club Space, a venue that can stay open for however long it desires.

We’ll put it this way: you won’t be disappointed.


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The IT spot to be, LIV Miami has secured its rightful place at the top by bringing in the most popular DJs; by designing it with that Miami Glam feel that people flock to this city for; and by having multiple nights that appeal to everyone. LIV on Sunday is the go-to after a concert, a basketball game or just to see your favorite rapper and guaranteed surprise guests perform. This nightclub goes Vegas-style hard in terms of bottle service and presentation and musical talent, so when you want that experience, this is the place for you.

From the company that brings us LIV, Story brings underground music to Miami Beach on a weekly basis. This multi-level nightclub has an impressive soundsystem and full views of the dance floor and DJ, where you can see Marco Carola, DJ Mustard and Zedd. Not to mention it’s the perfect place to pregame for the next leg of the night. After the music stops around 4am, it’s time to go downtown to hit Space.

The actual hole in the wall of the W Hotel, Wall is the best place to kick it with your friends. Buy tickets or reserve a table and just listen to great music with the beach right outside the lounge. During Miami Music Week, Wall brings in the mainstream talent, but during the year you can catch the more low-key DJs spinning.

Home to the marathon DJ sets and the afterhours that go till the afternoon, Club Space makes you forget that time exists. Once the venues on the beach close for the night, make your way over here. A former warehouse, this “superclub” offers a terrace with aerialists and a roof that opens at dawn (bring sunglasses); a loft for more deep tunes; and a main room for the trap-lovers. Loco Dice hosts his 18+ hour sets there, Danny Tenaglia and Paul Van Dyk do too…so, if they’re not stopping, neither are you.

Yes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. E11even offers something for everyone with a strip club / nightclub on the first floor with incredible aerialists and performers; private rooms; and a terrace with delicious food and a mellower vibe. If you complete the full Miami Night Out: club / lounge on the beach then Space then here, you did the city right.

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