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There is a lot of unrest in London these days. The reason? The dismantling nightlife.

According to Vice UK, on October 15, protestors got together in Hoxton Square, in east London, to show their support for Fabric. The now-closed nightclub is planning on repealing its decision on November 28, after it was shut down on September 6.


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It’s very hopeful to see the masses gather for this social cause. A city is nothing without it’s nightlife: from the crowds it brings in, to the variety and chance to meet new people. Protestors fear that other clubs will follow suit due to the two drug-related deaths at Fabric that led to its closing.

According to Vice, the protest came with speeches, including,

“Both the police and the council have gotten into a narrative that nightlife is a problem,” said Alan Miller, from the Nighttime Industries Association, addressing the crowd. “We refute that narrative. Nightlife is not only a £66 billion [$82 billion] per annum industry in the UK, but also it makes our cities better and it transforms them. It is about urban landscape management. We need to work together in partnership.” Not quite the most rabble-rousing words, but fair and vital points.

“Why can they not spend any money bailing out the institutions of our creative industries,” she asked, pictured above, “which is the second biggest industry in the UK?” Well, because governments haven’t tended to adore counter-cultural nightlife. From the state’s approach to quashing free parties and raves to the licensing battles fought by bars and clubs, that part of our cities—the improvised, the grimy, the left-field—seemingly makes them less appealing to investors. And that, apparently, just won’t do.

All is not lost though. Cargo, Corsica Studios, Egg London and more are still thriving. While Fabric was legendary and when it shut down it brought the people together, a lot can still be done to keep the others from closing. Party safe and smart and keep nightlife going!

Source: Vice UK

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