As much as New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas are known for wealth and excess, Miami’s best nightlife is known for extreme luxury boasting lounges and clubs. Everything down to the decor yells upscale and exclusive, which explains the massive celebrity and upper-echelon clientele.

The luxurious experience also brings in a fair amount of return for all the money and work that goes into maintaining it. In 2015, Nightclub and Bar Media Group listed LIV and STORY Nightclub as fifth and eighth respectively for the top ten grossing nightclubs in the US making upwards of $25 million in 2014, which comes at its own cost considering LIV is currently under a $10 million renovation.

The money spent on expensive decor and environment doesn’t end with the mega-clubs, as many successful Miami nightlife shares more than just their costs for renovation; most of the successful upscale lounges and nightclubs in Miami have interiors designed by Parisian designer Francois Frossard. Some of these venues; including SET, STORY, ORA, and former hotspots Mansion and Arkadia. are known for their decor, and for good reason. Frossard’s designs are sexy and functional; they feature contemporary designs with beveled mirrors, tufted walls, and functionally large tables for bottle service. Others that weren’t designed by Frossard also boast stylishly functional design elements. Sexy and sophisticated environments are at the heart and soul of what Miami nightlife is.

Its also not to be glossed over that every club from E11even’s show club experience to ORA’s more intimate, elite art scene featuring work by Banksy, Robert Indiana, and Murakami has impeccable service and cater to exactly their clientele. E11even, STORY, and LIV are known for having multimillion dollar DJs and artists performing in large sets with major bottle service, which is exactly targeted to their crowd in the DJ scene, while places like ORA and Mokai are targeted towards smaller, stylish parties with superior mixology.

Regardless of where you go in Miami, each club and lounge has its own unique style and service that is bound to impress and take you to a lavish world for which you can’t really experience anywhere else.