We’ve dove into trends that are saving the nightlife industry before, and what millennials in particular want from nightclubs and bars in order to spend money. We’ve spoken about the need for events because millennials seek experiences over anything else, and the good news is we in the service industry have the opportunity to not only provide amazing experiences, but to also make those experiences personal.

As much as I and many other millennials detest being called the “me, me, me” generation, we do seek personalization because quite frankly going to events that are targeted for you provide a better experience, naturally.

“..quite frankly going to events that are targeted for you provide a better experience”

Here is how you can maximize information to provide personal experiences for your guests and help advance your customer relationships.

First before you can use personal marketing to attract people and design events, you need to capture customer or guest information. This can be made very easy with today’s management technologies, where guests register and pay for events online, and nightclubs and bars manage their guests lists and expenditures online. Use guest lists, ticketing, pre-sale, or reservation forms on your site so your guests not only begin to buy in advance, but also so you can collect their information for future marketing and coordination. Nightclubs and bars should also be collecting data at the door and tables, so you have a database of ALL your guests, including their name, what events they have been to, what DJs or performances they prefer, how many times they’ve been to your venue, whether they’re a VIP/guest list/event/general admission customer, how much money they’ve spent, and what their most popular drink purchases are. Use this technology to your advantage, in a day and age where people are surrounded by targeted media, people come to expect it. Your guests are not only willing to give their information to you, but also they’re conditioned to do so.

Once you have developed your database, you now have a complete profile for your guests for all your target customer segments; including demographic, geographic, and psychographic information. This means you have the opportunity to get personal with your marketing. You can send a specific message catered to a specific group of people; such as inviting people to see some of their favorite artists, sending a birthday message to anyone celebrating a birthday this week and inviting them to celebrate with you, or you can send them an exclusive invitation to an upcoming event before tickets are released to the public, GA crowd.

Making your customers feel like you know and care about them is an important part of modern marketing. A lot of promoters are successful because they have personal relationships with their regular guests, use this same tactic for all your marketing. Your guests will feel like they have a connection to your nightclub or bar and will naturally have a vested interest in your venue. This also helps to make sure the time and money you’re spending on your marketing is spent well.

Your personalization should not stop at the door. You can use this information to keep their personalized experience going when they get to your venue as well. When you use a system, and collect data you take the guesswork out and are able to understand your customers on a deeper level. This is already a part of why certain nightclubs and bars are successful, their customer service through bottle service and other methods are meticulous.

At the very least, greet your guests when they arrive, make them feel important. If you see that a customer is a regular on your guest list who comes to your venue every week, up-sell them to a VIP table and provide a complimentary bottle or a round of drinks as a thank you. This sort of service costs you very little, but means a lot to them. These are simple gestures that are perceived by the guest as luxurious premiums, a highly personalized level of service. It shows that person how much they are valued at your club and entices them to come more, spend more, bring more friends.

All it takes to personalize your nightlife venues is a system that captures all your guest information in one place, so it automatically pulls necessary information on the guests walking through your door. A targeted experience is expected now, and surprisingly not difficult to implement. Modernizing your marketing and service will ensure longevity.