After a short hiatus, LIV Miami is throwing its #SneakPeekWeekend to debut its multi-million dollar redesign. A reportedly $10 million went into the nightclub and this weekend is the time to check it out. On Friday and Saturday, Travis Scott and Skrillex will perform and then Sunday belongs to “LIV On Sunday” – the place to be if you love hip hop.

LIV has topped the nightclub lists ever since it opened and is one of the top-earning ones in the world. It’s no surprise that a revamp was coming to keep the champagne flowing.

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Pictured above and according to,

But the new star of the show is a piece of tech that hangs from the ceiling. All of the partners have given it different nicknames like the Spider or the Jellyfish. LIV’s Technical Director, Jorge Matto, likes the name Dolores.

It’s an installation of 410 individual LED screens with 410 individual motors (and 410 individual fans) that hovers across LIV’s dome. The resting formation looks like a seven-legged spider and images can be projected across the screens in choreography with the music. The screens can move from spider formation to form an orb or a tear shape or the shape of a chandelier. They can rotate, separate, move up, move down in waves or undulate like an octopus.


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